White contains all the colours. More than any other, it reflects the changing colours of nature, such as the green of fields, the blue of the sky, and autumn leaves. And precisely because of this we can say that it contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow. It enables us to understand the basic principles of constructing: space, volume, and matter. It enables the magnificent play of light and shadow to be represented in the broadest way. It is purity rendered concrete, a symbol of order and cleanliness.


The neutral and natural hues manage to be elegant even when they are subdued. They are often used to tone down jarring contrasts. Beige is bound to brown; it is less intense and serious. Cautious and traditional like all the neutral colours, it is perceived as velvety. Brown has humble origins. It is associated with hard work, and thus is a bearer of values such as authenticity and honesty. It reminds us of the intense odour of seasoned wood, the sensual scent of leather goods, and the rich and smooth taste of chocolate.


Pink is a paler red. Its effects are subdued, purer and more delicate, but not only and always feminine. It is associated with romanticism, tenderness, delicacy. A gentle and refined colour.


When people see red their reactions become quicker and more energetic. Reds are associated with the bouquet of a wine, the speed of an automobile. The dark shades convey solemnity, elegance, and a sophisticated composure to us. Passion, audacity, provocation, and determination are red. It is the colour of those who live their lives fully. Combining the characteristics of red and yellow, orange is a colour that does not slip past you unnoticed. Although warm, it is not aggressive, and invites you to be convivial and to interact socially. Orange is extroverted, cheerful, and exuberant, without ever overdoing it.


Yellow is associated with the sun, a new beginning, a good mood. It is the most visible colour of the spectrum, and has the strength to move our line of vision forward. It stimulates the left side of the brain, preparing it to think logically by stirring our intellectual curiosity.


Every culture associates green with positive concepts such as fertility, growth, and birth. It is often identified with lush nature; with springtime and its energizing effect. In addition to an extraordinary therapeutic power, this colour has the gift of balancing warmth and coolness. Green enthusiasts are stable, meticulous, and generous. When it approaches blue, it becomes a transitional colour. The people who choose this tone are orderly, sophisticated, charming, and confident – qualities of those who prefer tertiary colours.


It is the colour of the sky and of water, deep and contemplative. Cold in temperature and in temperament, it induces in us a calm and relaxed sensation. Midnight blues remind us of distant galaxies, deep space, marine abysses. They enhance atmospheres of mystery, and are serious and important, because they tend to black without being sombre. Electric blues are livelier and more energetic. Denim is reliable, while indaco is authentic, almost artisanal. Loving blue means you are serene, perseverant, reliable, and kind.


By mixing red and blue, we obtain purple, a colour we either love or hate, because our mind is unable to decide between the red component, which is masculine and physical, and the feminine and spiritual blue one. Historically it has been difficult to produce, thus giving rise to its fame as a costly and aristocratic product. In its lavender and mauve tints, it presents subdued traits and becomes kind, sentimental, refined, and light. In its dark eggplant shade, it expresses great sophistication.


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